what is lash curl mean? J curl, B curl, C curl, D curl, U curl and L curl

what is lash curl mean? J curl, B curl, C curl, D curl, U curl and L curl

Mink eyelashes extensions are quite popular, and people are always curious about what the different types of eyelash curling shapes mean. In this article, we will briefly introduce three different eyelash curling shapes: J curl, B curl, C curl, D curl, U curl and L curl.

Although the length and weight of mink eyelashes are the same, they can be curled differently. The curvature of curled eyelashes is different, that is to say, we can curl the straight eyelashes into J curl, B curl, C curl, D curl, U curl and L curl by using special eyelash curler.


J curl:If you're looking for a lash that will elongate your natural lashes, but not provide very much curl at all.

then J Curl is your go-to. This lash is ideal for those going for a more natural look. It's not often used because it tends to look too natural.


B curl: If you want some lift without going overboard, then B Curl is the perfect option. It'll give you just enough lift without overdoing it.

B curl is the most common curl, and is suitable for most people. If you have short eyelashes or want to make them look a little longer, B curl is the best choice for you.

B curl slightly curved outward.


C curl: provides great lift while still staying fairly natural.

C curl is the most common and popular curl, which is very natural. With a special eyelash curler, you can make your eyelashes slightly curved inward. It's comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at.


D Curl adds even more lift than C curl to open up the eyes and add definition to your lashes.

When you're looking for a total lash transformation, D curl lashes are the most dramatic option. D curl lashes have an upward-sloping curl that makes them perfect for opening up downturned eyes and adding definition to a naturally downward-pointing lash line.

D curl lashes are ideal for glamorous photoshoots, nights out on the town, or anywhere else you want your eyes to make a statement!


U Curl: When you want maximum impact with your lashes, go for the U Curl.

If you want to open up your eyes and give them a lift, then U Curl Lashes are the answer. U Curl lashes offer curl up to 180° degrees, making them ideal for straight or downward-pointing natural lashes. Made with high-quality synthetic fibers, U Curl lashes are the perfect lash solution if you have monolid eyes. Silicone pads are also included to help secure your lashes and ensure that they don't drop.


L Curl has a flattened base so it can better adhere to natural lashes and provide maximum lift!

L Curl lashes are one of the most popular types of eyelash extensions. They begin with a horizontal section, then curve sharply upwards. They are essentially a small C or D curve with a flat base. So they are a better choice for achieving a glam, wide-eyed look when other lash curls prove too irritating.

If you have monolid eyes, or hooded eyes that tend to droop, L curl lashes can be particularly helpful in making them appear more open and bright. They also work well for deep-set eyes because they don't poke into your eyelid like some other types of lashes might.

The best lash curl type for you is dependent on the shape of your eyes and your natural eyelashes. However, there’s no question that C curl lashes are incredibly popular, and create a gorgeous, glamorous gaze on practically everyone.

If you are really just after beautiful volume and length but otherwise want to keep things natural, you can’t go wrong with J curl lashes.

Unsure which of the two to try? B curl lashes are good middle ground.

After you understand the different shapes of these three curls, you can choose your favorite shape according to your own eyes and preferences

After you understand the different shapes of these three curls, you can choose your favorite shape according to your own eyes and preferences. It is up to you which curl you like. You may prefer one type of curl over another because it suits your eyes better, or perhaps because it suits your face shape better.


The three eyelash curlers are different in shape, but they can be used for different purposes. You can choose the right one according to your own eyes and preferences.

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