How to Make Monolid Eyes Look Bigger?

How to Make Monolid Eyes Look Bigger?

Asian eyes are the most beautiful and unique eyes in our world. But what's so special about them? Well, they're big and round, with long lashes that make them look bigger than they actually are! The trick to making your Asian/monolid eyes look bigger is all about creating a movement with your eyelashes.


Do you have monolid/Asian eyes?

Take a look at the top of your eyelid. If there is no crease at all, generally this eye shape is considered monolid, If there is a crease but it covers all or majority of the lid, this is a hooded eye. This can be attractive or unattractive depending on how it's done.

The most common type of monolid eyes is the Asian/East Asian one, which is also referred to as an "Asian" or "monolid" eye shape. People with this kind of eye shape tend to have small pupil openings—and therefore look more closed-off than other types of people who have rounder pupils (like those with European ancestry). Asians also tend to have slightly slanted eyelids due to their smaller size compared with Caucasians and African Americans who are larger in stature overall; this means that even though they might look similar on the outside, there are still slight differences between them when viewed close up!

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Can you make your monolid eyes bigger with makeup?

If your monolid eyes are naturally small, you can use makeup to make them look bigger. Your eyeliner is the perfect tool for this job!

Eyeliner is a great way to enhance the size of your monolid eye without going overboard with liner or shadow colors. You'll want to choose an eyeliner that matches your natural skin tone so it blends in better with your face shape and complexion. If you have fair skin like me, try using black or navy blue as an accent shade on top of whatever color(s) are already there; if you have olive undertones like myself then try using red or burgundy colors instead (but only if they complement each other).

Another way to make eyes appear larger is by adding mascara fluffs at the outer corners of each eye—this gives the impression that there's more space between each lens than there actually is due to their proximity together on either side!


How to make your eyes look bigger with eyeliner and mascara?

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, there are a few simple steps that you can take. First, use eyeliner on the inner corner of each eye. This will create an illusion of greater dimension and width while also looking like they’re naturally bigger than they already are. Next, apply mascara around the outer rim of each eye—this will give them more definition and increase their size as well!

If you want something even more dramatic than just eyeliner and mascara, try getting some fake lashes! The right pair can really bring out the shape of your eyes by making them appear larger than usual (and what girl doesn't love that kind of attention?). You should also make sure not to go too heavy on these; otherwise they could make things look overdone or unnatural-looking because they'll be so noticeable against dark skin tones like mine which tend toward dark brown tones at times depending on how many days have passed since applying makeup last time throughout my day's activities before going home after work ends today...


The right false lashes strips for Asian eyes.

When it comes to picking the most flattering false lashes for single-lid eye shapes, I recommend focusing on these three factors:

  • Length. To elongate and emphasize your eye shape, go for a pair of lashes that are longer on the outer edges.
  • Curl. To open up and frame the eyes, make sure the lashes have plenty of curl and volume.
  • Shape. For that additional pop, select a pair where the individual lashes are fanned and spaced out.

 Here are some 3D mink lashes options make you a dramatic look:

15 mm 3D wispy mink lashes

3D wispy mink lashes

These mink eyelashes are ideal for any occasion whether you're going out to dinner or a holiday party
13mm 3D mink lashes cruelty free
3D mink lashes cruelty free_eyeslish
These 3D Mink Lashes provide a lightweight band and soft comfortable ends that blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. 



Now, you're ready to try out these techniques. Remember to keep an open mind and be willing to make mistakes. Try different things, look at yourself in the mirror often so you can really see how your eyes look with different combinations of makeup and hairstyles. And remember that these tips aren't meant as a quick fix for your monolid eyes; they're simply intended as some helpful pointers that might help bring out their full potential!