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Mink eyelashes vs faux mink lashes, what is different?

Mink eyelashes are a popular choice for many women, but there has been some confusion about the two different types of mink lashes on the market. Mink eyelashes and faux mink lashes are both popular choices for their natural look and durability, but there are some key differences between them. In this article, we'll discuss the pros and cons of each type as well as how you can choose which will work best for your needs.

What are mink eyelashes?

Mink eyelashes are real mink fur, which is why they are more expensive than synthetic. They are also more natural looking and comfortable to wear. Additionally, the lightweight design makes them very comfortable and easy to wear, so you can use these lashes for a long time without feeling any discomfort.

Mink eyelashes are more expensive than synthetic, but the quality is definitely worth it. The material is high quality, and they last longer than any other type of lash on the market today. They also look very natural and feel comfortable for extended periods of time.

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What are faux mink lashes?

With faux mink lashes, you get to enjoy the look of real mink lashes without having to pay for so much. But what exactly are faux mink lashes?

Faux mink lashes come in a variety of different styles and lengths, but they are all made from synthetic materials. They can be applied by hand or machine and look very similar to real mink lashes—with one major difference: they're much cheaper than their natural counterparts!

The best part about faux mink lashes is that they're more durable than their real counterparts; while you'll have to replace your natural-hair eyelashes every few months because they'll grow out too long or fall out over time (and even sooner if you apply fake ones), with these synthetic versions you'll get more mileage out of each pair before needing an upgrade. Another benefit of going with this type of false lash is that it's easier for many people who aren't experienced at applying false ones manually (i.e., not me).

How to distinguish real mink lash and faux mink lashes?

To distinguish real mink lashes from faux mink lashes, you should look at the quality of the lashes. Real mink eyelashes are made by hand and each one is unique, so they have different qualities than synthetic ones.

You can also look at the color of your lashes to determine if they are real or fake. Real mink eyelashes are naturally black, while synthetic ones come in many colors (including black). If your eyelashes have a glossy look, then this means that they're probably not real because natural fur does not reflect light like shiny plastic does.

You should also check for other signs that indicate whether or not your false eyelashes might be authentic: softness, silkiness and density are all characteristics you want to see in any kind of false lashes!

When wearing false lashes, if you want to make sure that you are getting real fur, the first thing to do is take a lighter and burn the hairs on the strip lash (do this over a sink or closed area). You'll be able to tell if you have real or faux mink lashes by the smell and the way they burn. Real mink fur burns just like real hair. When burning, the hairs should crinkle and leave behind ashes. You should also be able to smell the signature "burnt hair" smell. Faux mink lashes do the complete opposite when burnt—they burn like synthetic hair and smell like artificial plastic.

How much are you willing to spend?

Price is the most important factor when choosing between mink lashes and faux mink lashes. Mink eyelashes are the most expensive. They can cost anywhere from $12 to $20 per strip. Faux mink lashes are a little more affordable than real mink but still more expensive than human hair or synthetic eyelashes. synthetic ones will set you back about $2-$5 per strip. Silk/silk blend is an even cheaper alternative to silk only for those with sensitive skin (the ingredient that makes silk so soft also causes irritation in some people). It's not uncommon for these types of artificial lids to be found at drugstores and beauty supply stores for as little as $0.50-$1 each!

How Sensitive are your eyes?

If you have sensitive eyes and don't want to risk an allergic reaction, it's best to choose mink eyelashes.

For a more affordable option, faux mink lashes are a popular alternative. If you're on a budget but still want the look and feel of real animal fur, these are an excellent choice.

If you're looking for something between these two options, try mink lashes of real mink fur. This will let you adjust them as needed until they fit perfectly in your eye without having to worry about whether they'll cause any irritation.

Choose the best eyelashes

When it comes to eyelashes, you need to choose the best type. Mink and faux mink are both popular and have their own advantages.

Faux mink eyelashes are more durable than mink lashes and can last for years. But mink eyelash also tend to be thicker, giving a more dramatic look than faux mink lashes do. However, they cost more money and require maintenance so that you get the most out of them; otherwise, they can become damaged or fall out quickly.

Faux mink lashes price is far lower—so if that's important to you then this might be your best option! They come in different styles too so whether it's volume or length you're after there will always be something available that suits your needs!


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So, if you are looking for the best eyelashes, then you should choose the real mink lashes. They are soft, natural and look better on your eyes. But if you want something cheaper and more synthetic then go for faux mink lashes as they are cheaper than real ones.

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