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How to wear colored mink lashes?

There are a lot of ways to wear colored mink lashes. The first thing you need to do is get comfortable with wearing them. Make sure that you practice putting them on in the mirror before heading out for a night of fun or going to work. It's also important that you put on a coat of mascara and eyeliner before applying your mink lashes so they will look more natural on your eyes. 

Colored lashes on a first date

If you're going on a first date, colored mink lashes are not the best choice. You don't want to look too much like a clown. You want to look like you, but with a little extra flair.

If this is your first time wearing colored lashes, it's important that you not go too overboard with the color. Find a shade that will complement your eye color and skin tone without being too obnoxious or distracting. A light brown or medium brown will be the easiest for most people to wear in public and still feel natural looking.


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Blue eye lashes strip at prom

Blue is the best color for prom. Everyone knows this, and it's not just because I'm a blue-eyed blonde with a love of all things turquoise. Blue is a classic shade that goes with any skin tone and really makes your eyes pop. If you're looking to make an impression at prom or on any night out, these makeup tips will help you achieve that goal!

Don't forget to keep up on your concealer game if you're going for bright blue lashes, as this will ensure they look even more vibrant than ever before! Just dot some onto each lash line before applying mascara; then wipe away any excess with cotton balls so it won't transfer onto your eyelids later on in the day (which could lead to clumps). For added insurance against smudging: apply eye primer beforehand so there's no room for error when putting together the rest of your look - including those false set of lashes!

Colorful lashes at home

If you’re looking to add some color to your look, colored mink lashes are the way to go. These easy-to-apply false eyelashes come in a variety of styles and colors that will perfectly match your outfit and/or personality. Brightly colored lashes are great for a night out on the town, while neutral tones work well for daywear or events like weddings or parties. If you're looking for something special, try floral patterns!

You can even find colored luxury lashes that match your most recent tattoo design so it looks like you have matching tattoos on both eyes—amazing! They're also perfect for adding subtle flair when going from work-appropriate office attire into evening wear after hours (or vice versa). Plus, unlike traditional false lashes that require glue to hold them in place throughout the day/night until removed before bedtime (which may cause dryness around eyes), these semi-permanent extensions don't need any additional adhesive materials whatsoever!

Purple lashes for hair colorists

Purple lashes are a great way to accentuate your hair color, but they look good on everyone! If you want to show off an earthy red shade, purple is a fun choice. If you have blonde hair, the contrast between light and dark will be striking. And if your locks are brown or dark brown (black), well... I've got nothing for you except that I'm jealous because purple is my favorite color!

color is in, whenever and wherever you want to try it!

Colored mink lashes are a great way to express yourself, no matter where you're going. They can make you feel good, and they're a great conversation starter!

If the concept of wearing colored eyeshadow is new to you, start by applying your favorite neutral color in the crease of your eyelids and blend outwards into the socket line. If it helps, try using a small brush or sponge applicator instead of an eyeliner pencil for this step; this will allow for more precision with application since it isn't as easy to smudge or remove compared other tools like brushes or sponges (or fingers).

When choosing cosmetic products that work best with colored mink lashes:

Always choose mascara made specifically for false eyelashes from brands like Ardell Lashes or Kiss Lashes if possible.


Whether you're a diehard fan of colored lashes or just looking to try them out, we've got some great tips for where and when to wear them. We hope you've enjoyed this post on how to wear colored mink lashes!