Beginners Ultra Guide: How to choose eyelashes for your eye shape?

Beginners Ultra Guide: How to choose eyelashes for your eye shape?

We all know the magic of lashes - creating thick, long lashes not only enhances your eyes, but also your overall look. Between long, sparse lashes, naturally thin lashes, and bold lashes, sometimes it's hard to choose the best false lashes for you! But did you know that choosing the right lashes depends on the shape of your eyes? let's learn how to choose the best false lashes for your eye shape together!

Our guide below explains how to tell which of the six types of eye shapes you have, and then which of our 3D mink eyelashes styles we’d recommend for the most flattering and natural look on you. 

First of all :what is my eye shape?

 Step 1:  Monolid VS Hooded

Take a look at the top of your eyelid. If If there is no crease at all, generally this eye shape is considered monolid, If there is a crease but it covers all or majority of the lid, this is a hooded eye.

eyeslish_hooded eyes

 Step 2: upturned eyes VS downturned eyes

 Draw an invisible line straight across the center of your eyes with the pupil in the middle.If outer corners are above the line, you have upturned eyes

Anther hand, if outer corners are below the line, you have downturned eyes.

eyeslish_upturned eyes

Step 3: round VS almond

If your outer eye corners are right on the imaginary line, i.e. if your eyes are neither upturned nor downturned, then You might have round or almond-shaped eyes.

When you look straight ahead at the mirror, can you see the whites of your eyes below the iris (the colored part)?

If you can see the whites of your eyes above or below your iris, this is a round eye. If you don’t, your eyes are almond.

eyeslish_round eye shape
eyeslish_almond shape

The best false lashes for the different eye shapes

Round Eyes

For my round-eyed babies, we want to elongate and balance those bright eyes. Long, curly, slim lashes do just that! For round eyes, you want to amplify the shape of your eyes by adding length at the corners to create a sexy, layered, voluminous effect. Create the ultimate cat eye effect and the illusion of longer eyes. 

Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, this means that you have more skin above the crease. We wanted to create a depth effect that would allow the eyes to open in the center and give the illusion of larger, brighter eyes. The lashes you want to choose to achieve this illusion are styles that are fuller in the center and longer in length.

Monolid Eyes

For single eyelids (no visible crease), false eyelashes can make that difference aesthetically. False lashes will give the eyes an evocative effect that stands out. Because single eyelids usually naturally have straight lashes, the style I recommend is one that has more spread and length at the outer corners to create the illusion of an elongated eye shape. 

Almond Eyes

The almond-shaped eyes are very versatile. They have a small dot at the end and are wide at the center of the eye. Most styles will compliment this shape, so it all depends on what look you want. Consider all of our almond eye lash games. Recommand:

Almost all mink eyelashes

Upturned Eyes

Try using the classic cat eye to draw the eye upwards. This eye shape can rock a winged liner like nobody's business! Classic natural tone lids and winged liners are always great for enhancing this shape.

Downturned Eyes

For my ladies with Downturned eyes, we want to lengthen the outer corners of your eyes and create length along that lash line. There is no doubt that you have the perfect eye shape to create a striking, sweet, voluminous cat eye look; a look that truly captures your attention in the best way possible.