Can you wear 25mm lashes with glasses?


Can you wear lash extensions with glasses?

Yes, you absolutely can wear eyelashes with glasses. But there are a few things to consider:

Many women are obsessed with having fake eyelashes on their lenses. Sometimes it is grooming with mascara and visibility is obscured by black streaks and dirt. And they think the same goes for eyelash extensions. In fact, as a brand, the customer often requests us different curvature for their products, I think the effect of the glasses is also somewhat.

Here are some problems and solutions to handle it:

  1. Curvature problem: The curvature of your eyes will differ from that of your glasses so that there is no room for false eyelashes to be attached directly to the frame of your glasses or on top of them.

  2. Visibility problem: This is due to the curvature problem mentioned in #1 above. Even if you can get an eyelash extension glued onto your eyewear, it will be hard for others to see them because they are not visible from all angles due to their curvature difference as mentioned above as well as because they are so close together (which makes them seem like one big blob).

Are Contacts an Option?

If you're still worried about whether your lash extensions will be compatible with your eyeglasses, we have good news: you can wear contact lenses!

While contact lenses shouldn't be worn while the extensions are being applied, once they've set, pop them in and you won't have to worry about lenses potentially obstructing your voluminous new set.

What lash length is good for glasses wearers?

With glasses, you've got to be careful when it comes to the type of eyelash extensions you choose. If you're not careful, you can end up with a look that will make your eyes look even smaller than they already are!

The best eyelash extension types when wearing glasses will have shorter lengths and more pronounced curls. Lash extensions in the middle of the eyes are more likely to hit your frame. Therefore, your lash stylist will account for this when customizing a look that meets your desire.

Our advice is to bring your glasses with you on the day of your lash appointment. Your lash stylist will be able to judge the distance between your face and the eyeglasses and customize a perfect look for you.

What lash length is good for glasses wearers

What types of 25mm lashes could I choose if I wear glasses?

It depends on how close your glasses are to your face. If your glasses are further away from your nose, the longer the false eyelashes will be without unnecessary contact with the lenses. If this is your first time wearing false eyelashes, why not start with shorter false eyelashes and work your way up? Our 3D Mink Lashes are the perfect lash to start with. However, if you want to use longer false lashes, choose a pair with a good curl; the more they stick forward, the more they will make annoying contact with your glasses.

Curl, curl, curl

For people who wear glasses, a good pair of lashes is a set that features a very tight upward curl. A tight, upward curl not only opens your eyes more, but also prevents the lash fibers from touching your glasses, allowing you to wear a slightly longer set than if the lash fibers were not curled

Another way that you can wear long false eyelashes without glasses is to choose glasses with larger frames. This allows you to wear your glasses further up your nose. This gives you more room to wear whatever lash style you want! If you're tired of your glasses and find that they're getting in the way of your invention, then why not try wearing some contact lenses? There are plenty of options here, some of which you can wear for a week straight away.

Contact lens wearers have more freedom in choosing the style of false eyelashes. The only thing you really care about is the eyelash adhesive. As long as you choose a hypoallergenic lash adhesive and make sure you don't apply too much glue to your lash band, there is no reason why a set of false eyelashes should interfere with your contact lenses at all. No matter how long or droopy the set of false lashes is, you should be able to wear it cozily with your lenses in place.


What if you’ve already got some lashes you’d like to wear with your glasses, but they’re just super long

Curl it

You can try curling the long pair of lashes with an eyelash curler to make them fit better. This can help you, especially if you have a set of false eyelashes that are not all one length. If the fibers are in different

Trimming it

If you have a pair of false eyelashes that you really want to wear and they're super long, you can take a pair of scissors and trim the ends. Be careful here; remember you can always trim more, but you can't put back what you've trimmed. Once you've done a little trimming, try the lashes to see if the problem has been fixed. If not, trim a little more.


Before you get your lashes done, take a look at the different lash styles available. You'll find before and after pictures, as well as descriptions of the curl types. That way, when you go in for your appointment, you can discuss the style you want with your lash stylist.

By bringing your glasses to the appointment, you'll be able to determine exactly how much length and curl is right for your face shape. Your lashes will be beautiful and your eyes will pop more than you imagined!